(SRM) Service Resource Management Services
Inventory Control and Management
Inventory Control Services
Baseline Fixed Asset Inventory
The DATAFIELD Solution
Data Standards Development

DataField’s services ensure quality results and customer satisfaction the first time, on time, and on budget. These processes and methodologies have been developed from our experience completing inventories of all types. DataField services are further customized to each specific customer to ensure the most appropriate, accurate data in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

(SRM) Service Resource Management Services

  • Complete “Field Audit” Inventory Solutions
  • Data Integrity Management (DIM)
  • Performance Services
  • Data Population Services / Data Input (circuits, equipment, etc…)
  • Xpercom, XNG and Granite Data Entry
    • Seasoned Xpercom, Xng, Granite Data Entry Specialists
    • Consistent, rigid data entry processes
    • Complete client reporting of all data entered, customized to client specifications
  • Ongoing Data Population/Update Service
  • ASR Provisioning – Adds/Moves/Disconnects
  • Complete Auditing Service
  • Custom (SRM Support) Application Development
  • Packaged Software Solutions (SRM Support)
  • Tool set building for solving existing SRM problems
  • Architecture Services
  • Network Optimization
  • Data Standards Development

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Inventory Control and Management

We offer a complete “Field Audit” inventory solution. We use highly trained technical field personnel who personally verify equipment and connectivity by physical site audits. Complete inventory solutions can include:

  • Switches, Routers, DACS, DSX panels, etc.
  • Equipment labeling services with Lineup, frame, and shelf or other customer mandated nomenclature
  • Serial numbers & barcodes
  • Circuit Paths
  • Leased Facilities
  • Microwave

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Inventory Control Services

  • Geographical: Location and other geographic details are collected as specified by the client. DataField can also apply location bar codes for future reconciliation audits and equipment tracking Moves, Adds and Changes. These details can be defined and negotiated as necessary during the planning stage of the project.
  • Asset Detail Collection: Existing Asset Number, Suffix Number, Description, Model Number, Serial Number (if applicable), Manufacturer, Group/Classification Identification and other details can be collected during the inventory and from existing data.

When complete, the Fixed Inventory Service will provide your company an accurate, turnkey system, populated with data that's ready to go. Your company can be assured of ongoing, 100% compliance. You are now ready to critically evaluate your assets, and how and where these assets are utilized.

Baseline Fixed Asset Inventory 

DataField Teams are trained and experienced in all aspects of performing physical inventories using bar coded and non-bar coded technology. We use tested procedures for room entry and assessment, systematic searching to avoid missing assets, refined approaches to ensure accuracy while maximizing productivity and throughput, and other tools and methods to collect accurate and timely asset details 

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The DATAFIELD Solution 

  • Perform an inventory and load the complete network as rapidly as possible
  • Utilize APT’s nationwide network of trained staff to inventory network sites & load results
    • Utilize smart tools to record the inventory
    • Gather the value-added information
      • Lineup, frame and shelf information
      • Circuit connectivity/termination
      • Identify unutilized or underutilized assets
    • Utilize automated tools to load the inventory data. We are familiar with industry standard bulk loading tools

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Data Standards Development

  • The foundation of any data migration or data loading effort is a solid, well-defined and easily understood set of standards for how the data is to be represented in the SRM. An SRM implementation is doomed to fail unless standards are agreed to at the onset and enforced throughout the utilization of the SRM.
  • APT assists your staff through the development and application of YOUR standards leveraging our years of experience resolving standard and non-standard related issues

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