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Today’s TELCOs and MSOs are tasked with important projects and goals that need to be completed in a timely fashion. Utilizing DataField’s skilled teams ensures quality over quantity, allowing our customers to have projects completed correctly the first time. Unlike our competitors, DF works with you and your teams to ensure we understand the tasks, we can make recommendations and can contribute to your overall goals.

Our Services

Service Delivery

We have skilled professionals, with 20+ years in the Telecommunications industry, with a proven track record of successful growth

Network & Circuit Design

A clean and efficient network starts with the design; we employ the best and brightest to create accurate plans and designs in multiple OSS systems

Network & Circuit Provisioning

With highly skilled and experienced provisioners and robust automation, we can lead you to fewer maintenance windows and near-zero circuit outages

Management & Consulting

DataField works with you and your teams to ensure we understand your goals

Fiber Design & Engineering

DataField has positioned itself as the standard among Fiber and 5G design firms. We're primed to assist in the nation's buildouts

Automation & Tools

With our help, you'll have the right tool at the right time

Quality & Accuracy

Our experience will help you through your projects so smoothly, it will feel effortless

The DataField Team are experts in the Technology, Telecommunications, Staffing and Project Management environments. We are ready to put our experience to work for you!

Are you a Telecommunications team struggling with meeting your objectives?

We can help.

Not enough resources to complete your network, circuit designs, or provisioning?

Have large migration projects, needing to be completed as soon as possible?

Recently acquired another company or need to analyze your current network to define capacity issues, cost savings, or synergies?

Need to reconcile your network versus your OSS network inventory system?

Having workflow systems issues?

Don't know where all of your IPs went?

We've got you covered.

Service Delivery

Customer and Field Technician Support

  • Circuit Test, Turn up and Troubleshooting
  • Customer facing
  • Field support

DF’s team is experienced in turn up of the numerous types of circuits out there, from PRI to ETREE

Network & Circuit Design

  • Cost saving and synergistic projects
  • Migrations, Hub collapse, Regrooms
  • Cut Sheets
  • Hospitality/Multi-Tenant Units
  • Ethernet Services, Wave services, TDM services
  • Network inventory management
    • Granite
    • Metasolv
    • Circuit vision

DF’s team is experienced in all aspect of Network and circuit design

Network & Circuit Provisioning

  • Transport, Router and CPE Configuration
  • End to End Circuit Provisioning

DF’s skilled professional are trained on a multitude of equipment types, including Cisco, Juniper, Nokia, Rad, Adva, and Ciena gear.

Management & Consulting

  • Network analysis
  • Network Planning
  • RFPs
  • Research

DF’s seasoned experts can help guide your team though various pitfalls and traps

Automation & Tools

  • Reporting
  • Network reconciliation
  • Provisioning automation
  • Workflow

Automation is the key word; with DataField’s help, you’ll have the right tool at the right time

DataField Fiber

Your First Choice in Wireless & Wireline Infrastructure Design & Engineering

DataField Technology Services is a “customer-centric” organization offering a broad range of engineering services within the Telecom industry. Our Fiber division offers services tailored to fiber deployments within the telecom and wireless industry.  Our focus is on Site Acquisition and OSP fiber design and survey.  We accentuate these services with technical drawing/drafting and consulting within both the cellular and wireline industries.

Our turn-key service will help deploy your network faster.

Project Management

  • Sub-Contractor: Acquisition/Management
  • Contracts: Creation/Review Management
  • Scope of Work: Creation, Editing, Administration
  • Timeline Management: Materials Management/Quality Review
  • Safety Review
  • Project Closeout: Documentation and Acceptance

Site Acquisition

  • Site Analysis: Desktop and Field
  • Municipality: Requirements and Review
  • Specialized Pole Design
  • Permitting
  • 1A Surveys/Right of Way Delineations
  • Detailed Site Candidate Packages utilizing proprietary software/applications to improve speed to market.
  • Cumulative 60+ years of experience in the Wireline/Wireless/Telecom industry

Design & Engineering Services (D&E)

  • Professional Engineering Services
  • Professional Surveying Services
  • OSP Services: Audit/Design/Permitting
  • Full Drafting Services: AutoCad/Visio/Adobe
  • Professional Photo Simulation Services
  • Permitting: Definition, Acquistion, Tracking

Wireline Infrastructure Services

  • Audit Services: Pole Line/Underground
  • Pole Loading Analysis
  • Make Ready Inventory
  • Cost Estimates

“We strive for excellence in our daily efforts by maintaining the highest industry standards, understanding our clients’ needs and ensuring quality delivery of our services.”


QuickSite is a culmination of technical software and services used to quickly and efficiently report status and data for small cell site acquisition, utility pole line surveys, pole loading, and make-ready reporting.

Offers real-time updates about the site

Quick & accurate details about each location

Allows customers access to cloud-based reports

Information & data, catered to your needs

Provides automated email notifications

Get the details you need, immediately

Play Video

Check out the QuickSite video to learn more about our application

DataField Talent Acquisition

We recruit the brightest, most loyal, & dedicated work force you can find.

Our Specialties

We’ll find someone for the objectives you need to meet. Here are some of our specialties:

  • Administrative positions
  • Installation / “Hands-On” jobs
  • Helpdesk
  • Estimators
  • Logistics roles
  • Project Managers
  • Territory / Outside Sales Managers
  • Technicians
  • Engineers

Our Standard

To ensure we’re providing you the best the market has to offer, we have rigorous benchmarks each candidate must meet.

  • We triple-screen our candidates to ensure their skill sets meet your requirements
  • When applicable, we test our candidates for technical and electrical aptitude
  • Thoroughly interviewing our candidates, assures you of their abilities on the job
  • We perform background checks, run driving reports, and drug tests on each candidate submission

Our Commitment

We want to ensure you’re getting the best available talent. Using our services will save you both time and money, allowing you to focus on your objectives.

  • We guarantee talent success
  • Our promise is to provide quality services
  • We cover employee benefits, Workers’ Compensation claims, and unemployment benefits
About Us

Working with the Best

We’re committed to the highest level of integrity, professionalism, & quality. Our diverse backgrounds and individual histories allow us to tackle tasks larger companies could never dream of accomplishing.

For over 30 years, we've provided unrivaled service and quality to our clients.

Founded in 1989, in Worthington, Ohio, DataField started as a staffing company. We provided local businesses with the highly-skilled technical professionals they were looking for, and later expanded to surrounding states.

In 1996, while continuing to help clients with their staffing needs, DataField began to focus on telecommunications design and engineering services.

Today, we serve the nation’s largest telecommunications service providers, with over 180 professionals based at our corporate headquarters in Worthington, Ohio, our satellite office in Charlotte, North Carolina, and remotely throughout the country.


DataField delivers Telecommunication Professional Services through world-class quality engineering design, software, and implementation solutions.


DataField is continuously evovling to maintain its status as the premiere Telecommunications Professional Services company, providing extraordinary customer service and high-quality solutions that exceeds all expectations.


DataField is a family of experts that follow these core values as our “guiding principles” . They help define how we act, and how we make decisions every day.
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Customer Experience
  • Respect and Care
  • Having Fun 


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