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EV Charging Station Infrastructure Design

Are you ready to electrify your future? DataField is here to power your success with our end-to-end solutions for EV charging station infrastructure design. From market area planning to site-specific infrastructure, we’ve got you covered with comprehensive services that encompass everything from site walks to PE stamps. With DataField by your side, you can rest assured that your EV charging stations are optimized for user accessibility while being fully compliant with industry requirements.

EV Charging Station Infrastructure Design Services

These are a few of the fantastic services we offer in the electric vehicle charging station industry:

Site Walk

Experience the advantage of our hands-on approach as we combine cutting-edge technology with boots-on-the-ground expertise. Our site-walk services offer an initial assessment of your property to pinpoint the perfect location for your EV charging stations. Have total confidence in your site selection based on our extensive knowledge and industry know-how.

Power Assessment

Power up your project with our power services. We’ll evaluate your power supply infrastructure to ensure it meets your EV charging station needs. We visit the site and liaise with utility providers on your behalf to work together in determining the most efficient strategy to deliver power to your charging station, whether from the utility grid or a renewable energy source.

Construction Drawings

Precision is key, which is why we utilize Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to create accurate plans that satisfy all regulatory and permitting requirements. Our comprehensive package includes schematics tailored to your specific charger type, power needs, and design preferences including:

  • Parking spot color schemes
  • Bollards
  • Signage

Everything we do to help get your project off the ground is in accordance with all regulations.

Construction Permitting

Navigating the complexities of construction permitting is a breeze with our expert services. We’ll take care of:

  • Obtaining all necessary permits
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Coordinating with utilities
  • Call-before-you-dig operations
  • Traffic control plans

Our priority is for safe and compliant construction that accurately and efficiently gets the job done.

Power Permitting & Utility Coordination

We collaborate with local utilities to guarantee your EV charging station infrastructure project ticks all the boxes for utility connection and usage. By working closely with utilities, we identify the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for powering your charging stations.

Feasibility Studies

Gain invaluable insights with our feasibility studies. DataField delivers in-depth analysis and assessment of the technical, financial, and environmental viability of your EV charging station infrastructure project. We consider factors such as available power sources, construction costs, and environmental impact to help you make well-informed decisions.

Fiber Layout Design

Stay connected with our fiber layout design services. We collaborate with you to determine the ideal approach for delivering high-speed connectivity to your charging stations to support your EV charging station infrastructure. Whether it’s through wired or wireless connections, you can trust DataField to provide the most efficient, effective, and affordable solution.

Set-Up Services for Your Specific Charger Type

Maximize your charging potential with our set-up services. We work with you to devise the best approach for your charging stations to ensure they are optimized for your specific charger type. From Level-1 chargers to the most advanced charging technologies on the market, DataField is here to help.

Pedestrian Access Routes

When you partner with DataField, you can create EV charging stations that are both accessible and safe for all users. We consider factors such as:

  • ADA compliance
  • Pedestrian traffic patterns
  • Safety requirements

Our analysis helps guarantee your charging stations are optimized for user accessibility and meet all compliance standards.

PE Stamps

Our Professional Engineer (PE) stamps offer peace of mind that your EV charging station infrastructure project adheres to all relevant safety and engineering standards. Upon approval, we will deliver your completed package in your preferred format so you can move forward with construction.

Partner with DataField for Your EV Charging Station Infrastructure Design Needs

By partnering with DataField, you set yourself up for a successful, efficient, and budget-conscious project. Our team of experts is committed to providing end-to-end solutions for your EV charging station infrastructure needs.

Get in touch with DataField today to discover how we can energize your EV charging station network. Together, we’ll drive your vision forward and help you make a positive impact on the future of transportation.