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DataField Technology Services

Telecom Engineering Scholarship

Scholarship Opportunity

DataField Technology Services will be awarding two $1,000 scholarships every year. The purpose of each scholarship is to support local college students interested in the fields of telecommunications and technology who have a strong desire to attain an education and need financial assistance.

Allowed Use of Award

Awards may be used for tuition, fees, books, and other expenses associated with higher education.




Empowering Students for Success in Telecommunications Engineering

Overall, DataField intends to help students interested in gaining an undergraduate degree for the purposes of:

Intensifying and deepening the knowledge gained in a program in Computer and Electronic Engineering.

Preparing students for a lifetime career in industry, government, and various institutions in the area of Telecommunications Engineering, thereby establishing a foundation for lifelong learning development.

Applying mathematical foundations and engineering principles during the modeling, design, and evaluation process of telecommunication systems.

Eligibility Criteria

Qualifications for graduating high school seniors include those who have a financial need and who:

Overall, DataField intends to help students interested in gaining an undergraduate degree for the purposes of:

Application Process

Here’s a step-by-step process for the application and awarding of assistance to interested students


Application Submission

Interested students should complete the application form provided by DataField Technology Services.

Along with the application form, students must submit an essay demonstrating why they should receive assistance.

(Deadline of Submission: March 31st)


Application Review

DataField Technology Services reviews all submitted applications and essays to assess eligibility and merit.

A selection committee evaluates each application based on the eligibility criteria.


Award Notification

Recipients of the assistance are notified via email by DataField Technology Services in early May. Applicants who are not selected for assistance will not receive a notification.

The award notification includes instructions for claiming the assistance.


Payment Process

Payment for the assistance is made directly to the recipient’s school account in one lump sum in the Fall semester.

Scholarships not claimed by September 1st in the assigned year will be forfeited.


Click the button below to ask for assistance.

Start your application!

Please complete the application below and include and provide an essay that demonstrates why you should receive assistance and submit them on or before March 31st for consideration for the start of the following school year. Any applications received after March 31st will not be considered.

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