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Worthington Ohio

DataField Technologies specializes in tailored network engineering and design solutions and has been providing the world’s biggest telecom brands with telecommunications engineering and staffing since 1989.

Our employees are our strongest assets, and our team of over 180 employees has almost 250 collective years of management experience. Our team can handle any telecom project and can find and retain people who have the expertise level necessary to engineer and design high-quality projects that are completed correctly the first time.

Our Story

DataField Technologies was established in 1989 in Worthington, Ohio as a provider of highly skilled technical professionals to local businesses. From the beginning, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing excellent service. With our unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction, we soon earned a reputation for excellence in our field.

For the next several years, we continued to grow and expand, and in 1996, we saw an opportunity to make a difference in the world of telecommunications and ventured into the realm of telecommunications design and engineering. Our goal was simple: We would provide in-house design and engineering services to major market internet and cable service providers who were struggling to meet the ever-expanding need for modern communication infrastructure.

Why Choose Us?

With professionals based throughout the country, DataField has emerged as a leading provider of staffing and telecom solutions to the nation’s largest service providers. We have established ourselves as a reliable partner to our clients, delivering unmatched quality and services that meet their unique business needs.

Our success is built on a strong foundation of experience, expertise, and passion for excellence, and the DataField team of professionals is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and support to our clients. Our team comprises some of the most talented and skilled individuals in the industry. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project they undertake and ensure we deliver innovative solutions that drive success and growth for our clients.

DataField Technology Services

DataField Technologies provides professional fiber optic network engineering and telecom engineering services.

Our fiber-optic system designs deliver maximum efficiency of optical fiber systems, and our engineering includes supporting optimal transmission performance that can satisfy demand while addressing protection requirements for survivability in a wide variety of applications.

Our telecom engineering teams have deep experiences in designing and engineering the systems needed for efficient installation of telecommunications equipment and facilities, including complex electronic switching systems and legacy telephone facilities, and how to make them work with optical fiber cabling and IP networks. Our dedicated telecom service delivery team works with you to customize your delivery plan.

Professional fiber design and engineering services are invaluable to any organization requiring a reliable, sustainable system. With DataField’s unique experience, research, and technology, we can design robust fiber optic networks that satisfy demand with the highest level of transmission performance. Our complete suite of fiber design and engineering services includes fiber network design, fiber permitting, outside plant engineering (OSP), telecom drafting services, telecom site surveys, and telecom site acquisition. <<Read More>>

DataField offers a wide range of wireline infrastructure services that includes make-ready inventories, cost estimates and analysis, pole analysis. underground wireline audits, pole loading analysis, and customized reporting and tools. We create customized solutions that address our clients’ unique challenges and limitations while reaching for the most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable network possible. Our expertise ranges from traditional copper and coaxial cable to cutting-edge fiber optics and beyond. Whether you need help optimizing your current wireline infrastructure or even planning an entirely new network build-out, we’ve got you covered. <<Read More>>

At DataField, we stay current with the latest EV technology and can help you choose the right types of charging stations for your target market. We have the expertise and knowledge to help identify the best locations for your charging stations, whether you need Level 1, Level 2, or DC fast charging, and can also help plan the necessary electric vehicle infrastructure network to support your charging stations. <<Read More>>

DataField is a one-stop shop for all your telecom project needs from telecom network analysis and planning to telecom RFPs, telecom research, and telecom timeline management. Our network planning services provide comprehensive support at each stage of the project from initial scoping and feasibility studies to detailed design and implementation planning. We understand the complexities involved in designing and deploying a successful project. We specialize in timeline management and help manage complex project timelines with the expertise, tools, and support you need to keep your project on track. <<Read More>>

The DataField team is skilled in all aspects of telecom service delivery project management. Our proficiency in network and circuit design, project management, and deployment is unparalleled. We provide telecom service solutions that deliver reliable, cost-effective, high-quality solutions to make your network run smoothly. DataField is the ideal solution for your service delivery needs, and we guarantee superior management of complex migration projects, handling hub collapses, and implementing regrooms quickly and efficiently. <<Read More>>

DataField’s in-house team of dedicated telecom engineers works alongside you to create innovative software tools to help automate your business. From provisioning to testing and deployment, our automation tools help our clients get the job done faster, reduce errors and improve efficiency. If our in-house tools can’t get the job done, we’ll custom design and code automation tools fitting your specific process and business model. <<Read More>>

DataField’s Service Area

DataField Technology Services is based in Worthington OH and provides services across the United States of America.

Worthington OH Boundary Map

Prominent Places Near Worthington Ohio


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  • Antrim Park, which is on 5800 Olentangy River Road, Columbus.

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Nearby Towns and Suburbs

  • Riverlea is to the south-west.
  • Linworth is 1 mile to the west.
  • Flint is 2 miles to the north.
  • Minerva Park is 4 miles to the east.
  • Moores Corners is 4 miles to the south-east.
  • Clinton is 4 miles to the south-east.
  • Blendon Corner is 4 miles to the east.
  • Dublin is 5 miles to the west.