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Matt Winger

Matt Winger

Director, Business Analytics

Matt Winger is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in business operations, including ownership and management of multiple ventures ranging from custom furniture making and an eBay store to apartment community management. 

Growing up on a 400-acre dairy farm in Mansfield, Ohio, Matt developed a strong work ethic and a passion for “doing it right the first time.”

After attending several colleges, Matt completed both his BA and MBA in just three years. With a task-driven nature (and just a touch of compulsivity), he approaches everything as a project with spreadsheets and checklists. This approach has taken him around the world, where he has successfully set up factories and call centers for Fortune 500 companies, always with a constant focus on process improvement and efficiencies.

Today, Matt brings his extensive skills to DataField, where he focuses on cleaning up, organizing, and completing large complex projects for the company, its customers, and several volunteer organizations he belongs to. 

Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons, cherishing the moments they have together. His hobbies include traveling, woodworking, and exploring the outdoors.