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Michael Norris

Portrait of a man standing confidently, with the logo of Datafield Technology Services visible in the background. The man, identified as Michael Norris, appears to be a key figure associated with the company.

Michael Norris

Director, Operations

Michael is the Director of Operations here at DataField. A highly accomplished team leader with a solid background in Telecom spanning 40 years, he covers all facets of operations, enterprise systems, planning, integration, and management. 

Michael started his Telecom career in 1982 working as a Field Engineer for Duke Energy before moving into a Planning and Sr Engineering role at the same company. 

In 1998, he went to work with DukeNet, a subsidiary of Duke Energy, as a Telecom Engineer and Sr Circuit Designer/Planner. Michael stayed with DukeNet until 2014 when it was bought out by Time Warner Cable. He continued to work with TWC, and later Spectrum, until he started his role at DataField in 2018.

Michael spends his personal time with his wife and family, which includes his 3 wonderful granddaughters. When not working at DataField, he enjoys his time in the North Carolina mountains, where he and his wife have a home.